Strange Fragrances For Scented Candles….Continued

Scented Candles Come In The Wierdest Scents!

Those of you who have been following this blog for a while will know that scented candles are increasingly becoming available in the wackiest of fragrances. Who will ever forget, for example, the horse manure scented candles we featured earlier in the year?

Well, we have now come across another unusual – which is not to say – unpleasant fragrance, namely bacon scented candles!

Now, I’m a big fan of bacon, but unfortunately after a somewhat alarming cholesterol reading recently it’s on the list of banned sustances at present ( along with, it seems, everything else I enjoy, like cheese, beef etc, etc…..}.

So while my first impression was this was a good idea for a  luxury scented candle,  the more I thought about it the less sure I became. After all, what could be worse than filling your home with the appetising scent of cooking bacon, only to know that you couldn’t nip into the kitchen to make yourself a buttie! Cruel and unusual punishment undoubtedly!

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